National Agricultural and Food Centre

The National Agricultural and Food Centre (NPPC) is a scientific research centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Slovakia, established in 2014.

The NPPC focuses on comprehensive research and the gathering of knowledge related to the sustainable use and protection of natural resources, especially soil and water resources for crop production and animal husbandry; the quality, safety, innovation and competitiveness of food and non-food products of agricultural origin; the productive and non-productive impacts of agriculture on the environment and rural development; and the transfer of knowledge from agricultural and food research to end users.

The NPPC comprises nine research institutes under the leadership of the director general of the NPPC.

In the Climate Park project, the NPPC is represented by the Grassland and Mountain Agriculture Research Institute (NPPC VUTPHP), Banská Bystrica. The institution is active in the following areas:

• research and development related to environmentally friendly farming in mountain regions in order to limit energy input while developing non-productive activities, focusing on the creation and protection of the environment and the development of agro-tourism;

• mechanisation for the needs of mountain farms;

• research into the cultivation and utilisation of grass, clover and temporary grassland;

• research into the performance characteristics of domestic and foreign varieties of grasses and clover;

• the maintenance and study of the gene pool of grasses in cooperation with Slovak plant gene banks;

• research and development related to systems for preserving forage;,

• research and development into organisationally and economically appropriate forms and systems of cattle and sheep farming focusing on the biological and technological quality of products; and

• testing the impact of livestock on the landscape and minimising their negative impacts.


For further information, please visit the websites of the National Agricultural and Food Centre; and the Grassland and Mountain Agriculture Research Institute