The Climate Park project, supported by the Hungary-Slovakia Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013, aims to implement climate protection activities such as forestation and habitat restoration on Szentendre Island, and to carry out an extensive environmental education and dissemination programme in Hungary and Slovakia.

Closing Conference

The consortium of the project Climate Park organized the project’s closing conference, which was held on 30 June 2015 in Szigetmonostor.

Carbon footprint calculator

In our everyday life we are using natural resources directly (for example heating our flat with natural gas) and also indirectly (for example consuming food transported from big distances).

With a smart phone at the Vízkelő-Lake

Within the Climate Park project the local authority of Szigetmonostor, in cooperation with the Regional Environmental Center, utilized internet based solutions to help the visitors of Szentendre-island to become familiar with the values of the island.

Climate Park Visitors’ Programme – International group in Szigetmonostor

Under the frame of Climate Park’s project Visitors’ programme an international group visited Szigetmonostor on the 12th June, 2015.